1/15/19 watch the Premier of Garage Rehab featuring Fly-N-Hi on Discovery Channel!




Fly-N-Hi will be the featured shop on Garage Rehab January 15 at 10 pm (AZ time - check your local listings)  You can find Garage Rehab on Discovery Channel.  The new season begins January 8th.  Check our Facebook Page for continued information!  Thank you to Team Smiles and Richard Rawlings and the Crew of Garage Rehab...we are beyond Grateful!

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W.E. Rock aka World Extreme Rock Crawling

March 2-3, 2019 in Bagdad, AZ


If you would like to help with prepping the competition area (cleaning brush, moving rocks...yard work type stuff) there are groups working almost every weekend leading up to the event.  Please contact Jeremy if you are interested in helping!!

Each event starts on Saturday morning at 10 a.m. with the National Anthem. The competitors are lined up and ready to start on multiple obstacles at the same time. There are typically eight courses available to begin. The courses labeled A are for the professional classes, the courses labeled C are for the sportsman classes. You will be see all kinds of vehicles on each course.

Each competitor will complete four courses on Saturday and four courses on Sunday. The best professionals will move in to the Shootout course on Sunday afternoon to determine who the winners of the weekend are.
Courses are designed to be completed in ten minutes or less. If a driver fails to complete in ten minutes, they will receive points only for their progressive gates. Each course generally has elevation changes, crack lines, cone placements and other obstacles designed to challenge the drivers and spotters.  

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Dirt Riot

March 9th in Bagdad, AZ

There are eight classes of drivers – usually the day starts with the UTV and Pro-UTV classes. It’s best to get these smaller tired vehicles done early before the larger tire cars take the course and dig bigger holes. Expect a one-hour race for these vehicles. Following will be the Modified Trail Class and the Stock Trail Class, sometimes the 4600 Pro class is also thrown in, this is also a one-hour race. Next race is the Super Modified Class, generally for one-hour as well, sometimes the 4500 class is here, sometimes with the final race of the day, the 4400 class. The 4400 class is the high horsepower, big wheeled vehicles that can reach up to 110 mph depending on course conditions. The race for the 4400 class will be 1 ½ to 3 hours, again, depending on course conditions and length of course. All races finish with a Grand-prix finish.

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